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Suzy Menkes and ACF Lifetime Achievement Award <br/><br/>

When it comes to the world of fashion journalism, there are a few that can match the influence and credibility of Suzy Menkes. A true icon of the fashion industry Suzy Menkes has helmed some of the most important editorial positions in the world. Formerly the fashion editor for the International Herald Tribune and their esteemed fashion critic for 25 years, she recently embraced the digital age with her role as the Vogue International Editor. A prominent feature of the front row at the world’s most prestigious fashion weeks, her coverage of global fashion is second to none.

She is also no stranger to the Asian Couture Federation, having attended FIDé Fashion Weeks in Singapore in 2012 where she also participated in the roundtable forum on the future of couture. The ACF / FIDé Fashion Weeks was also a key partner of the International Herald Tribune Luxury Conference – ‘The SEA of Luxury’ in Singapore in 2013 where Dr. Frank Cintamani was a prominent keynote speaker.

Building on that partnership and while recently in the UK, Dr. Frank Cintamani and Ms. Emily Hwang met with Suzy Menkes at her central London Vogue offices. This meeting provided a unique opportunity to catch up on the progress made by the ACF and of which Menkes has been extremely supportive. With a keen interest in Asia she has been a champion of Asian creativity for a number of years.

Recognising this as well as her considerable contribution and unparalleled experience within the fashion industry, Dr. Frank Cintamani and Ms. Emily Hwang were honoured to present Suzy Menkes with ACF’s highest accolade, The ACF Lifetime Achievement Award. Clearly pleased with the award, Suzy Menkes took a moment for a photo opportunity with Dr. Frank Cintamani and Ms. Emily Hwang. A memento for the ACF posterity for sure.

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