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Asian Couture – A Tour de Force <br/><br/><br/>

The glamorous Palazzo Versace Hotel, played host to an evening of exquisite couture. Over 300 leading members of Dubai society and couture clients came for a ‘tour de force’ of Asian couture creativity. Founding President of the ACF, Dr. Frank Cintamani, and Vice President, Ms. Emily Hwang, joined them.

Opening the evening was ACF member designer, Furne One, with a dramatic and fiery show of blacks and reds. An exquisite showcase followed this from Asian Couturier Extraordinaire; Michael Cinco whose stained glass inspired collection stunned and moved the audience. Drawing his creativity from the myriad of colours of the ancient glass of La Chapelle Paris, his closing gown trailing over 6 meters, reflected the glory of this hallowed building. Beaded gowns, and jeweled jackets also formed a key element of his show.

ACF member designer, Ezra Santos then presented a delicate collection of silks and satins, in pale pinks and creams. Feminine and intricate, it provided a contrast to the previous shows. Once again, the three ACF member designers demonstrated the range of creativity, craftsmanship, and attention to detail that is inherent in couture and why each of them are quite rightly regarded an Asian Couturier Extraordinaire.

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