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COUTURíSSIMO announces Michael Cinco to present during Paris' Haute Couture week at a private di


The Executive Board and Governors of the Asian Couture Federation are delighted to announce that member designer and Asian Couturier Extraordinaire, Michael CInco has been invited to present his Autumn / Winter 2016 Couture Collection and collaboration with COUTURíSSIMO on the 3rd July during Paris’ Haute Couture Week.

INVITATION TO PRESENT DURING PARIS’ HAUTE COUTURE WEEK Renowned Philippine and Dubai based Couturier and Asian Couture Federation member designer and Asian Couturier Extraordinaire, Michael Cinco, will present at Paris’ Haute Couture Week on the 3rd July 2016. For over 140 years, Paris has been the spiritual and creative home of Haute Couture, with its biannual couture weeks the world-renowned platform for presenting the foremost couturiers. For over 15 years,Michael Cinco has established his reputation as a leading couturier, one built one exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail and creativity. In partnership with the Asian Couture Federation, and following the continued support and assistance of the French Government, Michael Cinco will present his Autumn / Winter 2016 Couture Collection and special collaboration with COUTURíSSIMO to a key and influential audience in one of the most important couture markets in the world.Commenting on this announcement, Dr. Frank Cintamani, Founding President ofthe Asian Couture Federation said, “The Asian Couture Federation, has since its inception been dedicated to promoting the very best couture designers in Asia to a world-wide audience. Michael Cinco, has established himself as the Philippine’s andDubai’s foremost couturier, which was rightly recognised by his being inducted intothe ACF as an ‘Asian Couturier Extraordinaire.’ I am delighted that having presented his work so extensively in Asia and the Middle East, that he will be showcasing hise xceptional talent with both his Couture collection and special collection for COUTURíSSIMO on the 3rd July in Paris, during Haute Couture Week.”Presented to a specially invited audience of over 400 international key media, social media influences, couture buyers, and fashion leaders, this will mark a milestone moment for Michael Cinco.


Renowned for his couture work, Michael Cinco will be presenting his Autumn / Winter 2016 Couture collection in Paris on the 3rd of July.With the prominence of Paris as the heart of Haute Couture, the presence of Michael Cinco stands as a key moment in Asian couture. His elegant work and refined sensibilities will be given the ultimate platform during the world renowned Haute Couture Week in Paris. Commenting on this, Mr. Michael Cinco, said, “I am delighted to be presenting my Autumn / Winter 2016 Couture Collection in Paris this July. Couture has always been my passion and the opportunity to present my work during Haute Couture Week is a tremendous honour.

MICHAEL CINCO – COUTURíSSIMO COLLECTION The Asian Couture Federation was established to nurture and promote the very best couture talent in Asia. As part of this mission, the Asian Couture Federation will be formally launching its latest initiative - COUTURíSSIMO on the 3rd July in Paris. This ground breaking on-line fashion portal, will provide consumers with access to affordable couture inspired pieces designed by leading couturiers. As part of the launch will be a special collection designed for COUTURíSSIMO by Michael Cinco, which will be presented on the runway immediately following his Autumn / Winter 2016 Couture Collection.

This is the result of a formal agreement, which took place at the end of last year between Michael Cinco and the Asian Couture Federation’s Dr. Frank Cintamani, Founding President and Ms. Emily Hwang, Vice President. Since then, Michael Cinco has worked to create a unique collection, which will be presented in Paris immediately following his couture show. With a show comprising over 30 looks, guests will have the unique opportunity to see the vision, creativity and talent of this leading couturier translated into an accessible and affordable collection for COUTURíSSIMO.

This is the creation of Michael Cinco. Commenting on the launch of COUTURíSSIMO, and the collaboration with Michael Cinco, Ms. Emily Hwang, Vice President of the Asian Couture Federation, said, “The Asian Couture Federation has always had a fundamental belief in the importance of supporting Asian couture talent. The launch of COUTURíSSIMO is a key step in enabling us to ensure that leading Asian Couturiers gain global exposure. We are delighted that Michael Cinco is one of the first couturiers that we are collaborating with to create an affordable and accessible collection that is inspired by the world of couture.”

MICHAEL CINCO – CREATIVE INSPIRATION Uniquely for a Couturier, Michael Cinco has taken a single inspiration for both his Couture collection and ready to wear collection for COUTURíSSIMO. Taking his cue from nature and the beauty of the butterfly, Michael Cinco, said, “The butterfly is a flying flower. The flower, a tethered butterfly. My collection is an homage to the beauty of nature. Like the butterflies just out of their cocoons, hovering around the flowers in their midst. It is a celebration of uncluttered beauty, of raw elegance and lightness of being, and yet, of not so quiet serenity. It is a burst of colours amid the secrecy of black. It is for women who know their desires and ultimately gets them and still thrives on mystery. And yes, like the butterflies and the flowers, it is timeless.”

PRIVATE DINNER – 15th MAY 2016 – A CELEBRATION OF MICHAEL CINCO Though born in the Philippines, Michael Cinco has made a name for himself as a leading couturier in the dynamic city of Dubai. Home for over 18 years, Michael’s own rise to prominence has reflected that of his adopte