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The Official Launch of the ACF in China

Heralding a new chapter for the Asian Couture Federation, it undertook a special Press Conference on the 2nd June 2018 in Miyun Beijing to officially launch its presence in China. Held at the Water Town Hotel, Miyun District of Beijing. Miyun is an area of outstanding natural beauty, with stunning mountains, lakes, rivers and scenery. It is located an hour and a half of Beijing’s main urban area and is a district of Beijing. The area is home to the world-renowned Gubei Water Town, and the Simatai Great Wall. In front of an audience of VIP's and key members of the media it was marked with a with a special signing ceremony between Mr. OuYang Guo Xin (Vice President of China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd), Mr. Mr Li Guanghui (Deputy District Mayor of Miyun, Beijing) & Dr. Frank Cintamani (Founding President, Asian Couture Federation).

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the parties is the culmination of a period of discussion on establishing closer ties between the ACF and the People's Republic of China in actively promoting and nurturing world class couture and design talent on a global stage. This reflects the 'Beijing Master Planning 2016-2030’, which among other things seeks to establish Beijing as a key cultural centre and in particular leverage China's tremendous cultural heritage and usher in a new era of cultural revival. It will see the ACF establish a long term presence in China as well as provide expertise and advice in the creation of a new fashion city which will be established in Miyun.

Commenting on the occasion of the signing of the MOU, Dr. Frank Cintamani, Founding President, Asian Couture Federation, said, "The Asian Couture Federation was established to represent and promote the very best couture talent in Asia and on a select basis internationally. China has a long and noble history of the creative arts and over the millennia has made a tremendous contribution across the globe with its reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and innovation. Today, this is no better represented than through the unparalleled vision of Guo Pei. I am delighted that as part of the continuing evolution of the ACF, with the signing of this memorandum of understanding, we have the opportunity to establish a formal basis for future partnerships and cooperation.

The ACF has always sought to position itself as a key bridge between those that share its mission to inspire, support, and promote the best design and fashion talent both within Asia and across the world. As a first step in its work in the People's Republic of China, the ACF was delighted that this was being represented by the presence of acclaimed Chinese couturier, Guo Pei and Japan's iconic couturier Yumi Katsura to present on the 2nd June in Miyun. As two of Asia's leading couture designers, Guo Pei presented a specially curated exhibition of her stunning couture work and Yumi Katsura a runway show featuring 40 looks from her beautiful couture collection.

Commenting on the cultural exchange, Ms. Emily Hwang, Vice President of the ACF, said, "The Asian Couture Federation has made great strides in establishing meaningful relationships with key partners, organisations and other fashion federations across the globe. However, it is the interaction amongst our member designers that brings true understanding and an opportunity to forge new opportunities across cultural boundaries. The presence of two of the world's foremost couturiers - Guo Pei and Yumi Katsura is a reflection of that. While each pays homage to their own unique cultural identity and traditions in their work - they both share the same passion for creating exceptional couture."

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